About me,

Alicia Link

Design is decision – I think it as simple and complicated as that.

In my opinoin, decisions about design should have a logical and rational base compared with a good storytelling. 
I grew up at the countryside, there is not much modern design around but there are good and authentic stories. I guess, I always wanted to give those stories a visual translation. The ways I chose to do so, are always a bit different. 


2022 – till now

I study communication design and during my time at the HfG I became one of the head editors of the student magazine. 
I also did small jobs for the Hochschule.

2020 – January 2022

To get some work experience I worked as a graphic designer in Stockach at Vollmer. I had my own customers and got a lot of responsibility from the beginning on. Some jobs I did on my own, on some I worked with my team mates, who were really cool by the way. 

2017 – 2020

I started with drawing and ended with the decision to create visual content. Hauchler Studio was not only where I learned the basics of design but also the place where I kinda grew up.

work experience

since 2019

Together with Prof. paed. habil. Claudia Angele I worked on material for school kids. I made layouts and illustration.

since 2020

For and with Andrea Oelmaier I worked on exhibition invitations and broschures for the gallery.

since 2020

With Oliver I worked on typeposters and designed invitations for his exhibitions.

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