One of my most important experiences I made at the HfG was the teamleading of the student magazine which I joined in my first semster. I became a member of the organisation team when I started my second semester. The main tasks were to organize weekly meetings in which we were finding a topic for the current issue and organize the content produced by the students. And last but not least, make sure the magazine goes to print on time.


with Robert Kremer, Paula Knobelspies and Julian Vogelsang


Fear – it expresses itself in about as different ways as each of us is unique, because it exists in all of us. It grows or shrinks not only with our personal development but also in the evolutionary and social context. Fears have such a strong influence on our daily lives that it would be reckless to speak small of them.

︎︎︎ This double page contains the article Janina Strayle worte for this issue.
I was responsible for the layout and the visuals.

Tote bags are great to transport a lot of magazines – this one was especially designed for issue #31.

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